Help Spread This Powerful Message

What is your first reaction when you read the following words:  “I’m a Child, not a Choice”?

What kind of impact do these words have on your heart and on your mind?  How many unborn lives could potentially be saved if millions of people could read these same words and truly recognize the humanity of unborn children?

As you may or may not know, this powerful message is placed on a billboard that is seen by millions of people traveling on Interstate 75 each year.  I-75 is one of the most heavily traveled highways in the nation and Kentucky is the heart of the corridor.  The site of this billboard is on a rise at mile marker 95, northbound, where it can easily be seen by both south and northbound traffic.

We need funds to cover the cost for this space, to continue to get the message out that abortion isn’t a choice, it’s the end of a beautiful, God-given life.  Please help us combat the pervading culture of death in our country.  A gift of any amount would be deeply appreciated.

You can donate using our online payment form located here.  Just choose “Billboard” as your designation.

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